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VTM / Viral Transport Medium—Activated

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Instruction of Use

1.It is applicable for nasopharyngeal sampling, oropharyngeal sampling, saliva sampling, sputum sampling, urine sampling,alveolar lavage fluid sampling,pathological tissue sampling and stool sampling.

2.Virus sampling Tube should be stored at temperature 4~25℃ to avoid sunshine.

Gloves, protective clothing, goggles and other protective instruments should be worn when collecting and handling specimens to avoid splashing, leakage and exposure of potential pathogens.

3. The sampling swab can not be put into the sample preservation solution before use; After sampling, it should be put into the preservation tube containing the sample preservation solution immediately, and the swab should be broken near the top (with the mark of breaking point), and then the tube cap should be screwed tightly, sealed in the plastic bag or other packaging container, then stored and submitted for test according to the specified temperature.

4. The freshly collected sample should be stored at temperature 2~8℃ and delivered to the laboratory within 48 hours. If used for virus nucleic acid test, they should be extracted and purified as soon as possible. If not delivered to the laboratory within 48 hours, they can be stored at temperature -70℃. 


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